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April 27, 2003

Fried Chicken Soup

My dad had something similar to this at a restaurant and decided to try to recreate it. It makes the whole house smell of curry powder, and is delicious! The measurements below are a bit of guesses, as my dad and sister don't measure things very well (spoonful of this, dump in some of that...), but its pretty close.

3 cans chicken broth
1 pt. whipping cream (or 2 cups milk)
1 cup flour
2 sticks + butter
3 sticks celery
curry powder to taste
4 chicken strips from deli
frozen peas or fresh parsley (garnish)

Saute celery in a little butter; sprinkle with curry powder to taste. Remove from heat.

Put broth and whipping cream in blender, and then add celery mixture. Blend well. If your blender is small, you might need to do this in two batches.

Put butter in frying pan, and add equal amount of flour until flour is cooked, not browned. Add blender contents to this.

Stir until the point of boiling. It will get thicker as it boils. Remove from heat.

Chop chicken strips into small bite size pieces. Add to soup. Scoop into bowls and put small amount of frozen peas (10-15 peas) or parsley on top as a garnish.

Alternatively, if you have some people with a vegetarian diet, take some FriChik and cut into bite size pieces and put in frying pan to brown the edges. Instead of putting chicken strips into the soup, put chicken in one bowl and FriChik in the other and let the people put what they want in their soup bowl.

Serves nicely with a fresh baguette (long loaf of bread) torn off instead of cut with butter on the pieces.

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