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August 17, 2001

side dish
Pasta Salad

Prepare bowties, rotini, spirals, macoroni, or whatever your fav pasta shapes are. Rinse
Chop up a pepper or two - multiple colors make it pretty - into bite size pieces
I add some small pieces of a red onion normally but my husband doesn't like them.
You can also add pieces of chicken for more protein
Toss the cooled pasta and the veges in a large bowl with a bit of olive oil and some rasberry vinager. To taste - but you don't need a lot. Add to that fresh parmesean cheese (you can buy it in the cheese section at safeways now) and italian seasoning, pepper, and a bit of salt or seasoning salt.

Makes a delicious meal with fresh bread, and even better for lunch cold the next day. I always make extra so I have some for the next day

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