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November 06, 2000

Kristine Introduction

Hi! I'm Kristine, and I'm excited that this journal is officially opened!!
It smells absolutely wonderful in my house. I decided to try the delay timer setting on our breadmaker today, and it smells like its working wonderfully! I have a nice pile of apples from our local school's Apple Festival, and I think I'm going to make french toast (yes, for dinner!) with apples :) My husband Eric really wanted me to try and make hash browns yesterday, and since I didn't get to then, I think I might try it out tonight.... my mom said it was a hard thing to do, so I'll let you know how it turns out!
I'm not by any means a good cook. But I'm enjoying experimenting while I try to learn to be better :-) I'm hoping for inspiration from this forum <.giggle> Eric will love you all!!!

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