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November 30, 2000

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Thanksgiving in California

Thanksgiving in California went just fine! I don't have any new recipes, but I did get to learn to make wontons for our feast the day after Thanksgiving - Eric's mom made the filling out of (I think) vegeburger, waterchesnuts, and chopped green onions. Then I got to take wonton wrappers and wrap them up - we made HUNDREDS of them! And many of them that I did ended up looking like wonton fishies <.giggle.> Then we took them and deep fried them in a fry daddy (also a new experience fo me) They turned out PERFECT :) It made me feel really successful in front of my mother-in-law!!
I have a new cooking magazine that I'll have to find some fun things to share with you - I always get the greatest ideas from it :-)

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