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Virgin Cherry Vanilla Limeade
Cream Cheese Sandwich
Veggie Bars
Green Dragon Walnut Meatballs
Noodles in Faery Butter
3 Cheese Pasta Skillet Dinner
Souper Simple Mac 'n' Cheese
Shortcut Stroganoff
Sweet and Sour Tempeh
Tofuna Sandwiches
Eggplant Canneloni
Slow Cooker Vegetarian Navy Bean Soup
Penne Pasta with Tomato Vodka Sauce
French Vegetable Ratatouille
Book Recommendation
Artichoke Spinach Lasagna
Fast 'n Easy Cheesecake
Eggnog French Toast
Christmas Tree Tostadas
Red, White and Green Lasagna
Winter Solstice Pumpkin Soup
Mock Tuna Salad
Thanksgiving notes
Eggplant Pomodoro
Mock Tuna Salad
Cheap 'n Easy Veggie Chili
Vegetarian Stew
Crockpot Sweet Potato Casserole
German Bread Dumplings
Potato Knipfla
Dumplings (Dampfnoodla)
Eggplant Caponata
Easy Minestrone Soup
Vegetable Tofu Lasagna
Tater Tot Casserole
Nonalcoholic Red Sangria
Pair of Hearts Salad
Vegetable Curry
Vegetarian chili with chocolate
Crockpot Vegetable Paella
Frito Chili Pie
Bold Vegan Chili
Moroccan Vegetable Stew With Couscous
Vegetable Party Bouquet
Cream Curry Sauce
Artichokes in Mustard Sauce
Peanut Rice Crispy Treats
Easy Corn Casserole
Easy Vegetarian Quesadillas
White Pasta Casserole
Apple Cake
Nacho Casserole
Vegetarian Wellington
Cream Cheese Bread Bowl
Roasted Chickpeas

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